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  • Delivering Obstetrics Electric Operating Table

    Delivering Obstetrics Electric Operating Table

    The electric obstetrics hospital bed is designed for various stages in delivering a baby,like expectant mothers,childbirth,restoration of post partum.The electric obstetrics hospital bed has the function of changing from hospital bed to delivery table,providing adequate comfort to mothers during to mothers during labor.
    1. The movements like up and down of whole bed,trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg,folding of back section is electric controlled and operated by bottons;
    2. Adjustable pneumatic spring in foot plate is adopted in order to achieve the reasonability of human body,helps the mother's delivery smoothly;
    3. Hidden dirt basin is equipped under tabletop,detachable auxiliary table is also available,which can be adjusted according to clinical needs;
    4. Leg support and hidden handle on both sides can be used to adjust the positions and angles;
    5. Bedside panels,barriers around for a high strength plastics molding,looks beautif generous,can be easily hidden or loading an unloading;
    6. CD player is available for puerperants to regulate their motion;
    7. Castor central control system,can also be mobile and flexible solid lock;
    8. Closure of the overall structure of the bed,dust proof,easy to clean.

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  • Multi Purpose Hydraulic Manual Parturition Operating Table

    Multi Purpose Hydraulic Manual Parturition Operating Table

    This product is used in gynecology and obstetrics childbirth, gynecology operation,diagnosis and examination
    1. The bed can be raised or lowered hydraulically by means of an oil pump
    2. Leg plates can be Rotary or demolition;
    3. Equipped with hidden sewage basin.
    4. Top frame, Side cover, chassis inside and outside covers, sewage basin are stainless steel
    5. AHC-GM320 back section up and down, rendelengburg and revers trendelenburg fanctions use worm, wheel gear, rack and hand wheels

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  • Gynecologic Parturition Electric Operating Table

    Gynecologic Parturition Electric Operating Table

    Electric obstetric beds are provided for obstetrics and gynecology,gynecological surgery, diagnosis and examination, and have various medical functions including emergency cesarean section.
    1.The lifting of the AHC-GE320 electric production bed, backward and backward, and the back of the back plate, using linear motor as the power system;
    2.Legs can be turned or disassembled.
    3. Various movements are operated by the micro-touch controller, and the AHC-GE320 can be selected with the foot switch.
    4. All outer cover, table panel and dirt box are made of SUS304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance and easy to clean.

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  • Hydraulic Surgical Electric Operating Table

    Hydraulic Surgical Electric Operating Table

    Electric operating table is designed for all operations in hospital. besides all functions of the old functions of the domestic produts, electric operating table has some new advantages:

    1: leg section can be rotated,opened,detachable and adjustable. electric operating table is most adapt to the urological operation.

    2:The table top is made of high-strength synthetic boards,can move backwards and forwards.X-ray examination can be carried out on electric operating table.

    3:With 24V direct electricity supply, the table is safe and reliable.The table's elevation,
    lowering,erversed trendelenburg.trendelenburg.lateral tilt are all automatically controlled by the button.

    4:The ascending and descending movements, lateral tilt movements,reversed
    trendelenburg, trendelenburg movements and backward and forward movements of the table top
    are all eletrically operated.

    5:Electric operating table is one of the most advanced operating table
    with exacllent functions in China, available for the Model C arm.

    6:The back section and the leg section is equipped with the barometric pressure spring.

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  • Multi Purpose Head Controlled Manual Operating Table

    Multi Purpose Head Controlled Manual Operating Table

    Manual operating table is designed for surgical procedures of the head,neck thorax and abdomen,and extremities as well as for gynecological,oto-rhino-laryngologicl and orthopedics operations.Manual operating table can be raised or lowered hydraulically by means of an oil pump.
    Various positions can be controlled on the head.Model S8001C and S8001D, made of double decked plastic.X-ray examination can be available during the operation. Leg section can be opened 90°and disassemble. Manual operating table is most for the urological operation.

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